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Since 1972
Car Battery Reconditioning
Car Battery ReconditioningIf your a ‘hands on’ person The Battery Professionals can teach you how to
apply this simple, yet effective "Electro-Chemical" process to old car and truck batteries, which would have otherwise been discarded. After the battery has been successfully reconditioned with the assistance of your Battery Professionals Reconditioning Kit, it can last up to 70% of the life of a new battery and is able to be sold for up to 50% or more of the new battery price, complete with a full warranty. The best part is, your total cost to recondition the battery is less than fifty cents per unit.
  Success Stories  
“I Live one hundred kilometers from Adelaide, generate my own power and I’ve still been able to generate over $4,000 dollars per week from my home on a regular basis. I am extremely happy with the Battery Reconditioning Kit I purchased from The Battery Professionals 5 years ago and I am happy to verify this to anyonewho wishes to talk to me."
How Much Can I Earn?
The amount you earn depends totally on how hard you work, however earnings from $500 - $4000 per week have been achieved. The Battery Professionals want you to earn great income and the equipment supplied in our kit is more that capable of doing the job, however the income achieved in any business can only be related to the effort you are prepared to invest. The Battery Professionals do not know how hard you are prepared to work or the level of your motivation, therefore we are definitely not in a position to make any warranties or guarantees regarding income and any illustrations regarding money are raw math however, the following table demonstrates several income scenarios.
  Benefits of the Business
Low Overheads
Ease of Operations, Suits males and females
Huge product demand
Low start up cost
Low overheads
Suits full or part time
Great markups of 1000%
  $500.00 Reward

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Refer and Earn
Batteries sold daily Average price per battery Your annual income*
25 $25 $227500
30 $25 $273000
40 $25 $364000
50 $25 $455000
60 $25 $546000
75 $25 $682500
Reconditioning Ni-Cad &
Reconditioning Ni-Cad
Download our report and earn a six figure income reconditioning Ni-Cad and Ni-mh batteries. This report teaches you the simple steps involved in reconditioning Ni-Cad and Ni-mh batteries for drills, cordless screwdriver, computers and numerous other items.
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  How to Utilize the Battery Reconditioning Kit  
You may be retired or unemployed and looking for a worthwhile and rewarding method of earning income on either a full or part time basis.
You could add this to an existing business and take advantage of your existing customer base and increase profits by adding a new product line that no-one else is selling.
You may choose to become serious about owning your own wholesale and retail car battery distribution business and utilize the kit as a basis to commence your new enterprise. To achieve this, simply follow the easy instructions in the manual.
Maybe you have a car yard or auto parts outlet and want to save money by reconditioning your own car batteries or reap large profits by selling reconditioned batteries to customers as a cheaper, yet fully warranted battery option.
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