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Car battery reconditioning is a unique and well proven concept and, as you can imagine, half priced car batteries, appeal to budget conscious motorists in all parts of the globe. The proprietors of The Battery Professionals have been directly involved in the car battery reconditioning industry since 1972 and from those early days of trading up until now, we have reconditioned and distributed literally millions of car and truck batteries in many parts of the globe.
As a Battery Reconditioning Kit purchaser your income is derived from the reconditioning and distribution of fully guaranteed car batteries to both wholesale and retail customers.
Wholesale or trade customers make up the significant portion of your income. Trade customers are keen to purchase reconditioned batteries from you because they save significant amounts of money on their monthly car battery expenditure.
For example a used car outlet would purchase reconditioned car batteries from you, rather than source new batteries because the price of reconditioned batteries is 50-75% cheaper than new price.
Other trade or customers will purchase your batteries to resell as they are attracted to the profit margins offered by reconditioned car batteries of up to 100% or more and the appealing aspect of income earned by selling reconditioned batteries is that it is achieved from a relatively low cost base.
Retail sales are easily obtained from advertising in your Local Yellow Pages, newspapers or perhaps your own website on the internet.
The market for reconditioned car batteries is enormous and currently there are very few people who are able to service this demand. If you fit our criteria, can follow some simple instructions and are willing to work, a battery reconditioning kit can assist to provide you and your family with the lifestyle and success, you desire.
  R. Rowan  
  Proprietor: R. Rowan MBA NGSB.  
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“I Live one hundred kilometers from Adelaide, generate my own power and I’ve still been able to generate over $4,000 dollars per week from my home on a regular basis. I am extremely happy with the Battery Reconditioning Kit I purchased from The Battery Professionals 5 years ago and I am happy to verify this to anyonewho wishes to talk to me."
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