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Battery Reconditioning Report

During my thirty plus years career in the car battery reconditioning Industry, I have been approached by countless people who were searching for a method to recondition Ni-cad or Ni-mh batteries for power tools and other devices. As a result of those enquiries and after a vast amount of research I have developed a very easy method for a complete novice to reinvigorate Ni-cad and Ni-mh batteries
  Easy to Learn  
Armed with the industry secrets in this $29.99 report, you will have the knowledge required to restore most Ni-cad or Ni-mh batteries that have lost their ability to hold a charge or even absorb a charge, and are therefore not able to perform the task for which they were designed. No need to pull batteries apart, no mess, no fuss. Follow the simple Instructions in this report and in ten minutes you are ready to start earning serious money from your new business.
Start part time in conjunction with your current job, and then go full time as your business grows.
  Huge Demand for Battery Reconditioners
Read the report and earn huge money reconditioning batteries for local tradesmen and handymen. Be first to offer the service in your local area.
  Don’t Buy Another Battery………….Ever  
This process is effective 95% of the time and can easily be performed in your garage, workshop or on the kitchen table. You can genuinely save you a fortune over your lifetime. Especially if you are tradesman or home handyman who uses power tools on a daily basis.
  Things You Will Need  
  Marketing Your New Business
Customers can be found on EBay, where you can set up a shop, then sit back and watch the profits roll in. You can also market the new business on your own website, the Yellow Pages or in your local newspaper.
Secure the future for you and your family. Enjoy status fulfillment and the security that comes from owning a successful business for $29.99 aud.
  Thank you and good luck with your new business venture.  
  Sincerely Yours  
  The Battery Professionals.  
  P.s. Recondition just one battery and you get your money back!
  Success Stories  
“I Live one hundred kilometers from Adelaide, generate my own power and I’ve still been able to generate over $4,000 dollars per week from my home on a regular basis. I am extremely happy with the Battery Reconditioning Kit I purchased from The Battery Professionals 5 years ago and I am happy to verify this to anyonewho wishes to talk to me."
  $500.00 Reward

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