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Q. Are the reconditioned batteries any good and how are they reconditioned?

A. Yes, all our reconditioned batteries are rigorously tested to the equivalent new battery standard. This ensures our batteries are suitable to be used for the task for which they were intended. The actual reconditioning process is a trade secret and has been formulated over many years of research and development. Training packages are available.
  Q. Do I need to invest a lot of money in stock?
A. No, this is one of the features of a The Battery Professionals Package. The stock cost is very low and the profit margins are high. As a rule, up to $200 is usually sufficient to get you started.
  Q. Are the overheads and reconditioning costs high?
A. Overheads are very low. The cost of reconditioning a battery is not expensive, and if you are able to work from home, you'll make big savings on rent. This is not a franchise; therefore there are no franchise fees or advertising levies. You get to keep what you earn.
  Q. Am I protected by my own exclusive area?
A. Every buyer has the right to work anywhere they want. There are no territorial restrictions and customers are plentiful.
  Q. Do I get support in marketing and sales promotion?
A. Yes. If you need assistance we are only a phone call away. In addition to this, there are suggestions in the instruction manual which will assist you to market your products.
  Q. Can I obtain assistance if I need it?
A. Yes! Utilizing your manual and taking advantage of the help line, you will be able to cover almost all contingencies you are likely to face. This includes sales, administration and technical aspects of the business. Our support team is ready to assist and back up the independent professionals we are seeking.
  Q. Are we environmentally responsible and can I do this from home?
A. Yes, the environment is one of the big winners with this type of business because we are recycling and extending the useful life of batteries that would normally end up being discarded. Our process does not entail removing electrolyte from batteries or actual dismantling of batteries so, in no way are we creating a problem for the environment with acid or lead contamination. The business has been adapted to be able to operate from a home based workshop or garage. (Subject to local and federal legislation).
  Q. How long has the business been operating?
  A. The proprietor of The Battery Professionals has been reconditioning car batteries since 1972.
  Q. What hours do I have to work?
A. You can earn a substantial living part time, in conjunction with your current career path and of course, like other businesses, the more time you spend, the more money you earn. However, acting as a manager and employing one or two other battery reconditioning specialists can leave you lots of free time as your contractors/employees grow the business for you.
  Success Stories  
“I Live one hundred kilometers from Adelaide, generate my own power and I’ve still been able to generate over $4,000 dollars per week from my home on a regular basis. I am extremely happy with the Battery Reconditioning Kit I purchased from The Battery Professionals 5 years ago and I am happy to verify this to anyonewho wishes to talk to me."
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