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  Seven Reasons to Recondition Batteries  
  High Demand  
It is estimated that there is approximately 15 million cars in Australia today. This creates huge demand for Auto Batteries. This market is worth hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Our reconditioned car batteries have proven to be very popular because they look and perform similar to a new one. Our reconditioned car batteries are supplied complete with a full replacement warranty and long life expectancy, yet they sell for only half the price of a new car battery. Why wouldn’t they be popular?
  Minimal Competition  
There are plenty of new battery outlets around and relatively few battery reconditioners. Don’t take my word for it! Look in your Yellow Pages!
  Easy to Learn  
You learn the business from the ground up with personalized over the phone coaching. In addition to this you are supplied with an easy to follow instruction manual. You can start trading in your new business from week one.
  Reasonable Entry Cost  
Battery reconditioning compares very favorably with other available business opportunities. There are no franchise fees and no ongoing costs apart from some consumables. In addition, no royalties or advertising levies will ever be charged by The Battery Professionals.
  Environmentally Sound  
Reconditioning car batteries makes great ecological sense. Reconditioning car batteries helps preserve natural resources and keep old batteries out of landfill. The environment wins every time with the Battery Professionals process.
  Low overheads  
The approximate price to recondition a car battery is fifty cents per battery. The selling price for reconditioned car batteries to the trade is from, twenty five to forty five dollars per battery. The retail price can be as high as fifty dollars or more per battery. All batteries are sold on an exchange basis, so a large portion of your stock won’t cost you anything...
  High Dividend  
Battery Reconditioning can be a very profitable pastime. You may be simply interested in pursuing a part time income of five hundred to a thousand dollars or perhaps, your aim is to earn substantially more by working thirty to forty hours per week. Of course, like any other business, if you don’t work, you’ll earn very little, but in the last 34 years I have seen many people obtain financial independence in this industry so, it’s really up to you, how much you earn.
Batteries sold daily Average price per battery Your annual income*
25 $25 $227500
30 $25 $273000
40 $25 $364000
50 $25 $455000
60 $25 $546000
75 $25 $682500
Batteries sold daily Average price per battery Gross Income per week Gross income per month
Weeks to recover my investment
3 $25 $525 $2275 9.5
5 $25 $875 $3791 5.7
7 $25 $980 $5308 5.1
10 $25 $1750 $7583 2.8
15 $25 $2625 $11375 1.9
  *Please note The Battery Professionals does not make any guarantees about income as we are simply selling kits  
  Success Stories  
“I Live one hundred kilometers from Adelaide, generate my own power and I’ve still been able to generate over $4,000 dollars per week from my home on a regular basis. I am extremely happy with the Battery Reconditioning Kit I purchased from The Battery Professionals 5 years ago and I am happy to verify this to anyonewho wishes to talk to me."
  $500.00 Reward

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